1) Read and listen to the story.

Corn for people and animals

The farmer drives a tractor. The tractor digs up the ground. He plants yellow corn in the ground. He plants the yellow corn in the spring. The corn grows in the summer. The rain helps the corn grow. If there is no rain, the corn dies. If there is a lot of rain, there is a lot of corn. He harvests the yellow corn in late summer. He sells the corn at his vegetable stand. He sells one ear for 25 cents. He sells four ears for $1. He sells all his corn in just one month. The neighbors love his corn. The corn is fresh. It is bright yellow. It is tasty. It is delicious. The birds love his corn, too. They don’t pay for it. They eat it while it is in the field. They don’t cook it. They eat it raw. The farmer doesn’t get angry. Birds have to eat, too. So do cows. The farmer has one cow. He gives his cow fresh corn every summer. The cow loves the corn. It eats a lot of yellow corn in the summer. Sometimes it makes yellow milk.

2) Szótárazd ki az ismeretlen szavakat!

3) Mi volt számodra a legmeglepőbb kifejezés a szövegben?

4) Milyen új nyelvtani kifejezéseket találtál?

5) Fordítsd le szóban a szöveget.

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