Rainbow world

Olvassátok el a szöveget. Gondoljátok át mit is jelentenek a mondatok, és szótárazzátok ki az ismeretlen szavakat. Íme egy kis segítség 🙂
everywhere=mindenhol, snow=, Crow= varjú, grass=fű, lip=ajak, blind=vak

We do not live in a black and white world. We live in a rainbow world. Colors are everywhere. Colors are beautiful. The snow is white. A panda is white and black. A crow is black. The sky and the ocean are blue. An apple is red or green. An orange is always orange, but the sun is sometimes orange. Flowers are red, yellow, and purple. A lemon is yellow. People are white, brown, or black. Butterflies and birds are many different colors. Hair is white, gray, brown, black, or red. A football and a snowball are white. A basketball is orange. A tennis ball is green. The moon and the stars are white. Grass is green, but Giriraja is brown. Krisna’s lips are red. His teeth are white. Gauranataraja is gold.
You can’t talk about colors to blind people. They can’t see colors.

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